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Michael is now in SK. Has a son due in January.

I am now working on a Powershell program that will grab my Delicious links delicious bookmarks and post them on my Linkblog bytehead's linkblog. I can grab the links now (processing 5 days at a time) and format them into what I want in a text file. The next business is going to be creating a library to use ATOMpub to publish everything. Or use the email gateway, but I like the thought of directly posting them to the linkblog. My plan is to only do about 5 old days/day, which will take about two weeks to accomplish. Then I'll set it up to dump any new links every night.

Haven't done much on the above. Blogger has gone to hell as far as I'm concerned, so I won't be using that. I will probably use Wordpress. Now whether it will be self hosted (Ha! I'm still working on doing that for my blog!) or just be a wordpress.com blog, I don't know. I probably should at least set up a shell on wordpress.

I have gotten a Powershell program to create my Links to Monitor page.

Maybe I'll throw those up on these pages for sheets and grins.

Link Page Generator

Spacecraft Notes Current thoughts. If and when I have them on spacecraft design
Ark Building Systems More thoughts, which go hand in hand with my Spacecraft Notes, since they all are just big spacecraft.

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