Ark Building


Raw material purifier/separator/refinery (RAMPS)

Raw material input is separated into solids and gasses. Solids are extracted, purified and formed into standardized mass and shape ingots, and moved to the factory and assembler. Volatile solids are converted to a gaseous state, and the other gasses are collected, separated and compressed into gas cylinders.

Factory (FAC)

Takes the purified material from the RAMPS and makes items to feed into the assembler.

Assembler (ASM)

Uses the output of the factory to build complete modular pieces that would then await final assembly into the ark.

Gatherer (HERDER)

System and robotic ships that identifies and gathers asteroids and comets for input into the RAMPS. An alternative would be mining material off the moon, possibly with the RAMPS on the lunar surface, and then the material would be ejected into space for the FAC.

Building robot units (BRUNTS)

Robots that do the final assembly. Also used to transfer all material (raw to finished product), and also used in the ASM.

Crew quarters

First piece of ark built, either in orbit, or on Earth and launched. Contains command and control, power, environmental, sensors, communications, docking platform and resupply for crew vehicles.

Crew vehicles

Various one person supervisory units to five man shuttles, all of which can be used as escape pods. Only the shuttles would be able to return to Earth.

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