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I am putting up the code for my link generator Powershell program.

There are the programs, of which there are three, all similar, since they do the same thing. I use two GNU utilities, make and m4, and to automate the upload, I use Windows CMD processing using FTP. When I get around to it, the FTP processing will be handled by Powershell.

upload2.cmd (This uses, not ftp.exe, as I'm finding issues without passive, and Microsoft just can't figure out how to get passive working in ftp)

Originally, I had this written in Basic. Interpreted, compiled, it didn't matter. Which was a heck of lot easier than trying to edit entirely by hand. Removing something, and keeping the table formatted correctly… Yuch! But then I installed the 64-bit version of Windows 7. No more Basic interpreter. None of the compilers would work (although other 16-bit programs still seem to work, so I don't understand the problem…), and after hearing about Powershell, I decided to see if I could replace the Basic code with Powershell. Not bad I think, for somebody who's been coding Basic for decades…

I could have tried to come up with something in C, but this was practically all string manipulation, and C tends to suck at that. Powershell was much more easier to develop for, being interpreted, and allowing me to fix the part and that part, and if something blew up, I wasn't three key saluting the computer because I had really done something bad.

I originally had m4 for the Basic version as well. Couldn't get make working quite right, so in those days, I remade everything when I only needed to update one .inc file. Now, I've got make working, and my generation times are just a few seconds. Although I think generating everything is still faster under Powershell than it was Basic.

But this also explains why the input files look so much like Basic generic data files.

My generated page
My CSS file
My JS file

Note to self: At some point, get the uncreated pages created, and the other stuff updated. :p

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