Finally got my pretty-print.ps1 program set enough for me to use it here. Don't know if I'll do much more with it. I'm thinking about setting up using CSS instead of a bunch of <span>s.

Needs Powershell 2.0 at least (1.0 could do it, but you have to make configuration changes in Powershell).

Download program here.

Now that I'm looking at it, I'm thinking I might want to add line numbers as an option.

I have added is an option and handling the option at the start-new-line function.

Hmmm. The multiline comments change the line number colors. Not too worried about that. I could fix by making them the same color as comments. I'm not setting them in any way, and if I want to do that, I'll have to worry about it then. Another variable, set when I'm going multiline in a token (doesn't matter what token actually) could go back and forth I suppose. Not going to worry about it now.

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