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This is the file processed by process-shorts.ps1

Just like .m4 files, these are essentially Basic data files (I wonder why, when the original was written in various Basic compilers/interpreters…)

Except that in this case, there's only two fields, not four.

First line is special, and is the header, and number of columns that are to be defined.

The + in the first field means, just insert into the .inc file whatever is in the third field. In this case, I'm making subheaders that take up both columns. And I'm not running it through m4 (although it could be).

By using two empty fields, I manage it to go to a new row.

Why I made it so simple like that, I don't recall now.

It works (and hardly changes…)

I use this to list all my bookmark keyword searches. And since I carry around a portable version of Firefox, I always have it.

<a name='notepad'>Notepad<br />Shortcuts for Bryan's bookmarks</a>,2
+,"<tr><td class='padhelp' colspan='2'><span class='red'><b>Torrents</b></span></td></tr>"
1337,1337x Torrents
bj,Search BTJunkie
ct,Complete Torrent Search
demon,Search Demonoid
kat,Search Kick Ass Torrents
mn,Search MiniNova
pb,Pirate Bay search
pt,PizzaTorrent search
speck,Speckly Torrent Search
tb,Search TorrentBox
ti,Search TorrIndex
tr,Search TorrentReactor
usniff,Searc Usniff (torrent meta search)
yt, search
+,"<tr><td class='padhelp' colspan='2'><span class='red'><b>Shopping</b></span></td></tr>"
amazon,Search Amazon
ebay,Search Ebay
pw,Pricewatch search
+,"<tr><td class='padhelp' colspan='2'><span class='red'><b>Google<b></span></td></tr>"
gg,Search Google Groups
gi,Search Google Images
gm,Search Google Maps
gn,Search Google News
go,Search Google Web
gs,Search Google Sets
gt,Search Google by date
gtr,Google Translate
youtube,Search YouTube
+,"<tr><td class='padhelp' colspan='2'><span class='red'><b>Network Stuff<b></span></td></tr>"
arin,Search Arin (IP #s)
whois,whois search via
down,Down for everyone or just me?
+,"<tr><td class='padhelp' colspan='2'><span class='red'><b>Other<b></span></td></tr>"
wolf,Search Wolfram
ask,Ask search
dict,Dictionary search
imdb,Search Internet Movie DataBase
rogets,Thesaurus search
webster,Search Merriam Webster
lyric,Search Lyrics Depot
music,Search Google for music
ext,Search FilExt
php, Search
ps,Powershell Google Search
mythica,Search Encyclopedia Mythica
orient,search Encyclopedia of the Orient
urban,Urban Dictionary

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